Modular Compressors

COMPEX MCS (mobile and modular compressor system) is an efficient solution for depleting gas fields redevelopment. They are used at wellheads as a first compression stage decreasing wellhead pressure and. thus, maintaining well yield.

Distributed Compression Flow Chart

Typical arrangement of a modular COMPEX MCS

1. Power connections module 2. Discharge separator 3. Heat exchanger 4. Oil separator 5. Storage tank 6. Suction separator 7. Electric motor 8. Screw air end 9. Air cooler for water-ethylene glycol mixture 10. Air cooler for gas

Distributed compression concept implies operation of COMPEX MCS (Mobile Compressor System) at separate wellheads acting as a first compression stage for preliminary natural gas compression. Then, the gas flows through a common gas gathering header and is finally compressed in a gas booster station. This cycle allows increasing capacity of gas pipeline from wellhead to gas gathering header, reducing wellhead pressure and increasing well yield.


  • Gas conditioning and maintenance of production rates under conditions of intensive formation pressure drop
  • Boost production of depleting gas wells
  • Gas production optimization, gas recovery ratio increase
  • Well life extension and profitable operation of depleting gas fields
  • Low-pressure gas treatment and compression
  • Gas and gas condensate fields’ formation fluid removal


  • Stabilize suction pressure of gas booster station
  • Optimize operation of gas-gathering systems and well production as well as bottom hole fluid ejection
  • Increase flow rate of gas gathering headers
  • Provide individual operating modes for multiple wells with unmanned operation at minimum maintenance
  • Increase gas recovery ratio


Compressor Type Rotary screw, oil-flooded, optional separate lube oil system for sour and heavy gases applications
Driver Type Gas reciprocating or electric
Driver Power From 4 kW to 2 MW
Flow capacity From 20 m³/h to 15000 m³/h (depending on suction conditions)
Operating temperature range From -60 °С to +50 °С
Cooling Air or liquid
Maintenance intervals Up to 8000 hours
Overhaul life Up to 40000 hours


  • Easy installation and pre-commissioning
  • Modular design facilitates easy field maintenance
  • Highly automated, unmanned operation with remote control and monitoring capabilities
  • Mobility: after required gas recovery ratio is reached mobile compressor systems can be easily dismantled and carried to a new operation site
  • Significant savings: distributed compression features low energy intensity (up to 10% lower compared to centralized compression) and makes replacements of changeable flow channels in booster compressor stations unnecessary
  • Flexible operating mode control provides efficient suction and discharge pressure regulation in conditions of frequent operating pressure surges as well as optimizes loading of gas compressor units

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